Welcome to the RUW Foundation

The RUW Foundation aims to bring life to science, through a series of interactive events and projects that inspire critical thinking and lively debates in the Wageningen community.

Cover photo: Noctilucent clouds spotted in Wageningen in the summer of 2019. Noctilucent clouds are extremely rare, very high clouds made of ice crystals, and are usually seen just as the first stars are appearing in the night sky on clear summer nights. Learn more about the phenomenon here: https://projectpossum.org/research/noctilucent-cloud/about-noctilucent-clouds/


Keep your eyes out for the newest edition of The Wageningen Herald, in your mailbox the The week of the 29th of June!

Read the PDF edition (in Dutch or English) here:

In Solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement and Victims of Racism

RUW Foundation stands together with the victims of racism here in Wageningen and around the world. The global protests in response to the inhumane murder of George Floyd in the United States have furthered dialogue and action against the culture of white supremacy that is embedded in legal and socio-economic systems globally, as well as the biases we hold within ourselves. We must confront structural and institutionalized racism as individuals, as members of the community of Wageningen, of Wageningen University and of the wider global community. RUW Foundation actively commits to anti-racism, and will contribute to furthering listening, learning, dialogue and action. If you would like to write about your experience in Wageningen or promote an anti-racist initiative, please let us know and we are happy to help you to produce media. We have equipment available for producing podcasts and videos.

We fully endorse the petition on change.org demanding WUR to act on racism, inequality and xenophobia in the university. We invite you to do so as well.

Here is a short list of books and other media focussing on racism in the Netherlands and the EU to continue to educate yourself about racism:

Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race by Reni Eddo-Lodge

Afropean: Notes from Black Europe by Johny Pitts

2Doc Wit is ook een kleur (Documentary by Sunny Bergman)

Hallo witte mensen by Anousha Nzume


As with any group that thrives on creating engaging spaces for lively debates and discussions, we are re-thinking how we operate in the global pandemic of COVID-19. However, we have a few, newly inspired projects in the coming months!

Podcast ‘Joys of spring’

With RUW foundation, we are setting up a series that focuses on the delights of spring/summer. Think about flowers, think about bees, think about asparagus and fresh strawberries. In line with the motto of our foundation is ‘bringing life to science’ we hope to give a stage to inspiring lecturers, enthusiasts and scientists that are passionate both about these topics and about sharing their knowledge on these topics. 

Have a listen here

The Wageningen Herald

Find the newspaper in your mailbox, or download the pdf on our facebook or http://www.thejesterwageningen.nl/. If you missed the last newspaper, be sure to check it out as well!

Photographing for Science

Counting garden birds or bees, looking for archaeological remains using your home computer, reporting nature observations, are all examples of “citizen science”.

Anyone can participate and thus contribute to the collection of data and knowledge. It is mainly used for nature research and has been growing in recent years primarily because of the ease of using smartphones and apps. Due to the new platform Wageningen Academy of Citizen Sciences, it is also entering our city.

The aim of this platform is to make citizen science better known and more common within Wageningen. The potential is enormous, it can be used for many different research projects. Ultimately, the intention is to give citizens a greater role and involve them in the whole research process. In this way, questions raised by the people of Wageningen can all be researched and answered. Being open to new ways of gathering and transferring knowledge is central, as is the co-creation of a new scientific culture.

Help us to monitor the floodplains. As a first test there are three photo points, on the dike, on the Bergpad and along the Rhine, with which the (seasonal) changes of the floodplains can be mapped by means of shared photos. You can contribute with your smartphone to the collection of valuable visual data. All you have to do is take a photo at the exact designated spot and share it on social media with the mentioned #hashtag or email it to: wagawetenschap@outlook.com

If there is a lot of interest, more photo points might be placed in other locations. We have a beautiful and versatile landscape in and around Wageningen where valuable knowledge can be gathered. Besides that, it is a nice activity for during a walk and will hopefully open new eyes for the beauty of nature.

Postponed events

The Impact of Collaboration

New date to be determined.

Past Events

What happened at the COP 25?

January 27, 2020

Time for Action, but what actually happened? A conversation about COP 25 with Sail to the COP and WUR attendees. Open for all your questions!

For two weeks in December the whole world was watching Madrid, who hosted the 25th UN’s Conference of the Parties, after Chile deemed it to dangerous to host it due to riots and political unrest.
This abrupt change in venue had many consequences, especially for WUR students sailing to the COP. Also our young climate activist Greta Thunberg had to make a big U-turn to get to Madrid in time.

On the other hand it opened up possibilities for European attendees to travel to Madrid by train, Sail to the COP became Rail to the COP!

But then it turned awfully quite; different media wrote about disappointing outcomes and a lot of topics seem to be pushed forward to Glasgow next year. But what has actually happened? Join our COP 25 conversation and hear insights from those who have been there!

Masterclass Investigative Journalism

How can writings contribute to actual change? How can journalists have impact? How do you start investigating? And how do you round it up?

In this two part event, Vincent Harmsen from the renowned journalistic platform ‘Follow the Money’ will teach you his insights in journalism by anecdotal evidence, stories and examples.

Vincent Harmsen has been researching amongst others, the lobbies on use of chemicals in agriculture and therefore has more than once in Wageningen to investigate the ties of coorperations and lobby organisations with Wageningen research.

Free press hits campus: meet the “Jester”

June 14th, 2019

The last months RUW foundation has spent blood, sweat and tears to create what is going to be a new, fresh, independent, funny and critical magazine and soon, very soon, the magazine might arrive to your doorstep.

We named her: “The Jester”

In this Impulse lunch event, we would like to celebrate, elaborate and discuss the result with you! Please be invited to share your questions, criticism and future ideas.

RUW foundation

Rural Wageningen Foundation has a long tradition – since 1978 – of organizing activities for students in Wageningen. In the early years, RUW foundation mainly organized activities on rural food production and agriculture sinceWUR was fully profiled as an agricultural school. In more recent years, RUW foundation has organically evolved in synchrony with the University to cover almost all topics and themes related to Life Sciences in Wageningen.

RUW practices a critical/collaborative attitude.

We feel that well-intended, scrutinous, but most of all, shared reflection is the basic idea behind the scientific method, and therefore we want to facilitate it. Our work stems from the desire to collaborate, to make an impact on our shared ambitions, while purposely maintaining a critical attitude.

On a day to day basis, RUW engages with students.

All our activities are rooted in student life, as we aspire to appeal and connect to all ‘shades of students’ at the University. Although students are our primary focus, we also provide substance for more seasoned academics and citizens of Wageningen, as they gather around and co-evolve with student life. The RUW team consists of (ex)students who wish to gain experience in a board or coordinator functions while learning freely. Our activities are very diverse.

Contact us

Please reach out to us at ruw@wur.nl