RUW foundation

Rural Wageningen Foundation has a long tradition – since 1978 – of organizing activities for students in Wageningen. In the early years, RUW foundation mainly organized activities on rural food production and agriculture sinceWUR was fully profiled as an agricultural school. In more recent years, RUW foundation has organically evolved in synchrony with the University to cover almost all topics and themes related to Life Sciences in Wageningen.

RUW practices a critical/collaborative attitude.

We feel that well-intended, scrutinous, but most of all, shared reflection is the basic idea behind the scientific method, and therefore we want to facilitate it. Our work stems from the desire to collaborate, to make an impact on our shared ambitions, while purposely maintaining a critical attitude.

On a day to day basis, RUW engages with students.

All our activities are rooted in student life, as we aspire to appeal and connect to all ‘shades of students’ at the University. Although students are our primary focus, we also provide substance for more seasoned academics and citizens of Wageningen, as they gather around and co-evolve with student life. The RUW team consists of (ex)students who wish to gain experience in a board or coordinator functions while learning freely. Our activities are very diverse.